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Pharma Nordic hold licenses in the Nordic countries on over-the-counter (OTC) medicines and medical-technical equipment that are already on the world market or are about to be launched on markets outside the Nordic countries.

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Pharma Nordic AS Storgata 38 6002 Aalesund Norway

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Er du interessert i å melde deg på som deltager i nesespray studien?

Proponent er med i en nasjonal studie om avvenning av nesespray. Da produktet ikke inneholder noen kjemiske stoffer, tar det opp mot 10 minutter før effekten kommer. En må derfor være klar over at den ikke er helt som andre nesespray, hvor effekten kommer umiddelbart. Effekten varer i ca 3 timer. Produktet har dokumentert effekt på tett nese i tidligere studier.

Det er viktig at du i starten tar 2 doser i hvert nesebor, ( voksne) og at du doserer deg 2 til 4 ganger pr dag i begynnelsen.

The goal of Pharma Nordic is to take a leading position in the OTC market.


The world market on pharmaceuticals and medical products is changing

As a consequence the number of products that are classified as OTC medicines is increasing. The same conversion also takes place in Norway and in the other Nordic countries as an adaption to EU regulations and EU’s internal market.

Our considerable network

Our considerable network of international contacts enables Pharma Nordic to introduce new medical products on markets in Norway and the other Nordic countries due to licenses that give us exclusive rights.

The primary sales channel

The primary sales channel of products in Pharma Nordic’s portfolio in the Nordic countries will be pharmacies. In addition we cooperate on e-commerce with


After more than 40 years as a GP doctor and scientist, more than 140 000 pasient visits and participating in more than 120 clinical trials on medicine efficancy, I still believe that we need new medicial products to treat new diseases or medical products that are more efficient or/ and have less side effects that those on the market today.

My goal together with my fellow founders of Pharma Nordic is to find new medical products that can bring people more quality of life and better health. We will select our products with care and make sure they meet our standards of quality before bringing them home to Norway and the other Nordic countries.

Dr. Kjetil Høye, GP and CMO, Pharma Nordic AS



Bent Andreassen CEO
Kjetil Høye Medical Director

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